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aFinite provide IT consultancy on a wide range of areas covering requirements from bespoke software systems, integration and customisation of existing or off the shelf systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, to the design. More often than not we redesign corporate networks so that they can properly support the businesses using them.

Our consultancy team has worked in the UK, US and Europe and delivered projects for public and private sector as well as not for profits and charities.

Whether a business has its own in-house IT team or not, as times change and new challenges arise, aFinite can provide consultancy services to ensure that problems are identified and solutions devised to mitigate them. At the same time, many businesses see opportunities which they want to capitalise on through the application of technology to automate and enhance service delivery.

Many of our software development and customisation projects start out as consultancy where we are asked to review a client’s existing systems and identify better ways of working.

Similarly, we are often engaged to provide an insight into a business’s IT infrastructure following an issue with its operation or a loss of confidence in their existing provider. Our measured and expert approach means we are able to investigate software and hardware systems and ensure that they are fit for purpose and that the right processes are in place around them to properly support the business’s operating requirements.

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