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We have undertaken projects at home and across the pond. Whether you’re in York or New York, we would love to help manage your next big project and ensure its success. We pride ourselves on our enhanced ability to oversee and operate complex IT related projects for our clients. Whether you’re opening a new office or deploying a major new software system which spans multiple business units that must integrate with your accounting platform, our consultants can help ensure your projects run smooth and succeed.

In the past few months, we have successfully helped our clients move one of their offices to New York (USA). We oversaw the entire project, including a total electrical and data cabling fit out, Internet connection delivery and the provision of a telephone system for 90 staff including Video Conferencing suites and whole office wireless connectivity, allowing the staff to roam the office with their mobile devices without experiencing poor performance and drop outs.

We’re keen to speak to you about your upcoming projects and where we can be of assistance, please call or email us and we’ll set up a meeting.

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