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We often find that when an organisation engages with a 3rd party service provider or consultant to devise and implement a solution, this is often delivered in a way which exceeds the expertise of the instructing party. This is to say that, for example, when an organisation instructs a technical consultancy to design and implement a new server cluster and virtualisation platform, they are not necessarily familiar with the steps involved or associated best practices. They are therefore not in a good position to verify if the works have been carried out as requested, or check if the works are in accordance with any agreed specifications.

Our specialist consultants work with our clients when reviewing plans, proposals and works carried out to ensure there is transparency between parties and that the works are in accordance with the spirit and letter of any instruction. We provide detailed feedback on any shortcomings and we know this is a valuable service to our clients as it helps ensure that services procured are delivered as expected.

Our Solution Validation service typically works in conjunction with your management team to review the works and provide actionable feedback as necessary. We also want to help ensure your service provider is delivering on their promise and your expectation.

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