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Many organisations may already have existing partners who deliver their IT Service / Help desk whereas others will have an internal IT team. Like many services, it is important to review your IT performance in terms of service level and technical outcome, regardless of whether you use an external provider or have an in-house team. We often carry out Service Delivery Audits in conjunction with Network Health Checks to ensure that the Service Delivery team can carry out their role as expected and ensure that there are no unwanted surprises for you or your management team to deal with down the line.

Service Delivery Audits include a complete review of your processes, issue and time tracking systems as well as an understanding of scheduling and prioritisation. Once reviewed, if you require our consultancy services we can advise on how to improve your system’s performance and how aFinite can help your business with the changes required.

If you would like to book a Service Delivery Audit with one of our engineers, please feel free to get in touch and we can organise a meeting.

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