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When an organisation moves office, this typically has many dependencies on IT service provision and service delivery. Indeed, the test of many companies’ IT service provider is how they handle an Office Move.

A successful office move will be well planned with key areas handled by a small team who are responsible for the planning and logistics involved. More often than not, an office move is as a result of growth and to plan for more growth in an organisation, office moves typically coincides with a significant change in the IT systems underpinning the business. Indeed, many of our clients have used the planning for an office move to crystallise the need for their move from on-premises email to the cloud and Office 365 due to the considerable benefits it delivers for their organisation.

From an IT perspective, this usually involves the following:


  • Data cabling
  • Wireless network planning
  • Internet connectivity
  • Telephony
  • Printing
  • Server location

Transition management

  • Relocation and any required reconfiguration of existing equipment
  • Installation and configuration of any new equipment required
  • Migration from any old systems to new ones

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