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Cloud Services

We are familiar with the Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure platforms and utilise them to deliver services for our clients. Alongside these platforms, we are a highly successful Office 365 partner and have migrated a large number of customers to Office 365 from various other platforms.

Our drive for best of breed solutions means that we have embraced various platforms including Dropbox for Business and Veeam Cloud Connect.

Latest Blog Posts

4th February 2021

Do you want to know how secure your company data is in Microsoft / Office 365?

With new threats evolving it can be challenging for your organisation to stay protected. It’s time to review your security position with the Microsoft Secure Score. First things first, what…

Sarah Clark

14th December 2020

What happens next?
Preparing to go back to your workplace or staying at home?

At the moment it feels like we’re all living in limbo, doesn’t it?Confined to our houses – and gardens if we’re lucky enough. During 2020, our homes have turned into…

Sarah Clark

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