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Backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions are key to ensuring that an organisation is protected from issues affecting their business operations that are a result of a data loss, consequently caused by the failure of a system caused by something outside of your control. This can be anything from accidental or malicious deletion of data or corruption, to physically destructive events such as fire, theft, or even flooding and earthquakes.

Backup and disaster recovery is part of any properly designed and managed environment as all organisations should look to produce a business continuity or disaster recovery plan which, ahead of when it is needed, lays out the plan for what will take place in the event of various types of incidents.

We recognise and advise our clients that backup alone is not a recovery plan. Indeed, when it comes to backup, there are several factors to consider:

  • What exactly is being backed up?
  • Where are these copies held?
  • How long are they retained?
  • How quickly can they be retrieved?
  • What is required in order to get a working system back from the backup itself.

Backup also creates a possible threat in that it is typically an unattended copy of your key company data. Therefore, it is important to keep it encrypted both in transit and at rest.

We work with our clients to ensure they have a suitable backup and disaster recovery solution. On one end of the spectrum, this might be local copies of key data to guard against accidental deletion, whilst on the other, this might be a highly available, redundant storage and server cluster configuration which is also replicated off-site and configured for automatic fail-over. We establish what is needed and devise a solution as appropriate, leveraging technologies as appropriate. For instance, we use Azure to provide off-site environments for both live replication and off-site backup alongside things like Veeam Cloud Connect in order to provide additional off-site backup options.

Afinite offer a number of backup options and predominantly look to deliver a tiered solution. This means whether you have a few machines and a NAS, are using a cloud storage solution or a server based environment we can provide a backup solution which is appropriate for your needs.

What we recommend

As part of our backup offering, we are a Veeam Cloud Connect Partner. Veeam is a market leader in the virtualised backup arena. Over the years, we have worked with a number of different platforms over the years including Backup Exec (both Veritas and Symantec), Acronis and many others. As platforms change and evolve, we are constantly evaluating what the market place has to offer and have found the Veeam fits both us and our customers, working with both Hyper-V and VMWare virtualisation environments. We are a Veeam Cloud Connect partner and recommend the use of the Veeam Availability Suite to the vast majority of our clients for use in their virtualised server environments using both VMWare and Hyper-V.

We find Veeam easy to work with and straight forward in operation which are two key factors when working with a Backup and Recovery tool. Veeam’s native support for SQL Server as well as Microsoft Exchange make backups simple to configure and the various restore, exploration and recovery tools mean we can easily restore individual files, folders, databases or Active Directory objects as necessary.

Veeam’s end to end encryption support – in both transmission and at rest for the generated backup files means it can be configured to meet straight security requirements.

If you would like to review your backup solution, please contact us and we’d be delighted to talk to you.

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