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In 2016, we identified schools and specifically Academies and Multi Academy Trusts as being of particular interest to us. It was clear through working with our clients who serve the Education market that the changes facing the sector brought significant challenges and opportunities we knew we could be of value in addressing.

aFinite are proud to work with a number of Schools and Multi Academy Trusts across the Yorkshire area. Through this work, we are continually evolving our proposition. Our approach is consultative and based around discovering and understanding the needs of the school or trust and how those needs are being served. When working with schools, the first port of call is usually a review of the systems, support and related procurement to get a complete picture of the current state of affairs. From there, we can then work with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure their understanding matches the reality of what is needed and to identify any discrepancies.

From a technical perspective, as a Managed Services and Consultancy Provider, aFinite are able to plan, implement and support any infrastructure or systems that are required. Alternatively, depending on the nature of the engagement, we can provide project management and validation of a 3rd party provider as appropriate.

We are keen to offer our expertise to Schools and Trusts who are experiencing frustrations with their current IT system and encourage you to give us a call or drop us an email to talk about how we can help.

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