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Multi Factor Authentication has been around for some time, yet is still seldom used. It is a powerful tool which can be used to increase security by adding additional requirements in order to authenticate users accessing a system.

Multi Factor Authentication was previously known as Two Factor Authentication or 2FA. MFA is an evolution of this concept, where there can be more than two factors involved. The premise of Two Factor Authentication is something you have (physically) and something you know. This is to say that your identity to the system you are trying to access is not just based on a password (regardless of its complexity), but also based on something you physically have in your possession. Most people are familiar with Two Factor Authentication from the banking world – CHIP and PIN card payments are a form of Two Factor Authentication – something you have (your card) and something you known (your PIN). Staying with banking, many online banking sites use a token device. Barclays, Nationwide or HSBC for example all use a device which was issued to the user and which generates a number to be fed back into the site in order to identify the user or carry out other tasks.

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