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As part of our consultancy and support services, we are often asked to first engage with customers to provide troubleshooting and root cause analysis to diagnose and isolate problems they are experiencing. This can be issues with their underlying infrastructure – typically hardware or its configuration or even with their software which may be causing a number of issues that inhibits productivity.

We help a variety of businesses in identifying and understanding the factors contributing to problems with their IT systems. This may be the slow operation of a system or unreliable behaviour of the services which a business relies upon. aFinite has helped troubleshoot problems with customer networks including poor performance from underspecified server RAID array controllers, to unreliable Internet connections that affect the ability for entire offices to access important resources hosted at a main office site.

Alongside these fundamental problems, we have also helped isolate the source of network outages caused by incompatibility issues between network switches, wireless networking infrastructure and Sonos devices placed on the network by staff who were not approved to do so.

Whatever your issue, please feel free to get in touch and we can talk about how aFinite can help diagnose and isolate the IT problems your business is facing.

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