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Many organisations have their own IT Director and/or department. Sometimes, due to a lack of resource or skillset, they are often unable to take on certain projects owing to their nature or complexity. Your business can trust Afinite’s consultancy service to implement a specific solution such as a server move, significant version upgrade, or the creation of a Virtualisation environment, that suits you.

Afinite has a track record of working with our clients to deliver solutions that are appropriate for their needs and can be relied upon. Our holistic approach means we consider the problem in its entirety, be that by using analytics and an evidence backed approach to sizing an appropriate SAN appliance as part of a server consolidation project or using our expertise to design and implement a hybrid cloud environment.

Along side our full service, we can also work with your business if you have already decided on the architecture and detail of a solution, and we will provide the technical expertise to deliver it. This could be through deployment support, for example, where we provide technical resources to facilitate a project designed and managed by a customer’s own IT team.

We are completely flexible with our services and operate as you require. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your business needs further.

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19th February 2024

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