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As with our other services, Afinite have a consultative approach to web hosting. We are not a web hosting company as such. What we do, is devise web hosting solutions to meet our customers needs. This could be by front ending your WordPress website with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), such as Amazon’s CloudFront to reduce server load, or it could be by devising a deployment configuration for a large scale site which allows the site to scale as demand rises due to possible spikes in traffic relating to PR, marketing or other efforts generating large volumes of traffic to the website.

Many of our customers come to us when they have a problem with their web hosting. Indeed, a great many organisations are not aware when they have a problem with their website’s availability or its performance in terms of user experience, either through load time or other easily trackable areas. Afinite’s approach to hosting is to always consider what our customer’s aim is and ensure that its met. Whilst this sounds easy, almost too easy, it is astonishing how many sites still get this wrong.

If a site is interacted to predominantly on a mobile device, then the site should work well on a mobile device. This doesn’t just mean when on a superfast home office Internet connection, but should also include the entire spectrum of expectable speeds a mobile phone or tablet user may experience. We employ metrics and tracking tools to understand our customers’ sites and ensure that they perform exactly as they should. We put together a suite of tools to measure this and monitor the performance as appropriate to ensure that the time and money invested in a website isn’t lost or diluted due to issues with its build or hosting configuration.

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