Bare Metal Restore

To the uninitiated this may sound rather strange. In fact this can be a life-saver for any business with a business critical server or workstation which has failed and needs to be recovered. Traditional backup technologies only backup and restore files, but not the entire system. Bare metal restore means you can restore a system from a failure straight onto a separate piece of hardware or virtual environment without having to reinstall any software or worry about

Restoring to Dissimilar Hardware

Everyone knows how fast computers are updates and changed and how quickly models are replaced. Bare metal restore functionality when partnered with the right backup software means you can recovery your server or workstation to dissimilar hardware. This means that you don't have to have identical hardware to recover your server or workstation backup to. Furthermore, this type of backup software can also be used to restore a server to a virtual machine.

Key Benefits

  • Quicker restore time meaning less downtime
  • No need to keep expensive spare machines ready to recover to following a disaster
  • Full system configuration is backed up and restored so no need to locate software disks etc in order to reload

How can I benefit?

Backup solutions providing this service also support individual file restoration just like traditional backup so you only need one system that supports normal file based and full image based backup strategies.


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