Backup and Recovery

Many Businesses believe they have a "Backup". What they're much less confident about is what that Backup is of and if they needed to use it, what they'd end up with afterwards. We believe a backup is only as good as the recovery it can perform. There are several important questions to ask of any backup solution:

  • What will be backed up?
  • How long does it take to backup?
  • How durable is the backup?
  • How many cycles will I have / how far back can I go?
  • How frequent will the backups be?
  • What can I recover?
  • How long will it take to recover it?

The Options

There are really two types of backup: on-site and off-site. On-site backup usually takes the form of Tape or disk backup. Both have their advantages, but increasingly disk has many more advantages over tape on its own.

On-site backup

On-site backups benefit from high speed and fast backup times as they can be carried out across the local network. Typically, this is to Tape or disk arrays.

Off-site backup

The key benefit of Off-site backup is that it isn't at your business premises. Provided the data is kept secure, the advantage of having either keeping a tape off-site, or having an automated, up to date copy of your backup data maintained off-site is that if something catastrophic happened, the off-site copy would be available to recover from.

Data is transmitted to our off-site backup servers using 128-bit SSL encryption and then stored 128/256 bit encrypted on the backup server.

Once the initial backup is carried out, only the changes to your data are transmitted each time the backup runs. The system automatically keeps each backup as its own snapshot and can retain them for a configurable period which we typically set to 14 days. This allows the recovery of any backed up file to be restored to a version from the past 14 days.

Our Online backup service for servers protects:

  • Files
  • Exchange Server (Entire Information Store, or Mail Level)
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Lotus Notes
  • Lotus Domino

In addition to these key applications, the software agent works with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Netware as well as almost any environment which supports Java.

Complete Backup Solutions 

A complete backup solution would be a combination of on and off-site backups. By having an off-site backup, you are protected from fire and theft and any other physical damage which would not only damage your operational systems, but put your backup system at risk as well. An on-site backup is typically faster to backup to and restore from than an off-site backup.

aFinite can choose the right backup solution for your needs and suggest an appropriate solution.


Contact aFinite about Backup and Recovery services. From online backup to disk, tape and associated software, we have a depth of experience to call upon.

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