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Many businesses need to control their employees access to the Internet either by actively by filtering usage to block access to harmful or non work related sites or by passively monitoring access. As a Webroot partner, we provide a web security solution as a service with no additional hardware required to buy or manage. This provides better protection against viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and inappropriate online usage, this comprehensive solution can replace or enhance a company's existing security infrastructure. Because software as a service is highly flexible, companies are able to scale services based on their unique needs, thereby helping to manage company growth.

What about Mobile users?

Users out on the road with laptops are often excluded from Internet access policy enforcement because it is cumbersome to implement and operate. The Webroot Web Security SaaS also extends seamless protection to mobile users, providing increased productivity as well as better overall security.

As an integrated component of the service, Webroot Web Security SaaS provides seamless enforcement of company Internet use policies regardless of where an employee is working - whether it's at home, the airport, a hotel or an Internet cafe. Mobile laptop users can be easily configured to receive automatic and uninterrupted protection even while they are outside their organisation's network. Because the Webroot service sits in the cloud, these laptop users can authenticate directly with the service rather than establishing a VPN connection to the corporate network. This roaming user protection helps to improve employee productivity, enhance network security and reduce costs.

How much does it cost?

The service is priced per user, per month and is sold as either a 1, 2 or 3 year contract. A discount of 10% is given when taking out a 3 year contract.

We expect to be able to offer a monthly rolling contact in the near future, so please contact us to register your interest.

In addition to the service itself, aFinite can provide consultancy services to setup your policies, customise the warnings displayed to your users as well as deploying the Desktop Web Proxy software throughout your network and configuring your firewall to block HTTP and HTTPS traffic to the Internet which isn't sent to the Webroot servers.

How does it work?

You can either redirect all outbound HTTP and HTTPS traffic to the Webroot servers using your firewall, or install a small piece of software (around 1Mb) to your client PCs which connects them to the Webroot servers for their outbound Internet traffic.

Find out more

For a demonstration of the Webroot Web Security service, please click here. We also have a PDF file to download here.

Or, call us on 0113 887 3999 to discuss your needs further with one of our friendly staff.

What are the steps?

  1. Contact us with details of how many users you want to protect.
  2. We will then ask you how much help you need setting up the service and talk to you about customising the policies and setting up users for you, as well as assisting with the deployment of the service.
  3. Typically we will setup a trial of the service to demonstrate its monitoring capabilities. This will involve determining some basic policies and then leaving the service to build up data on which reports can be run. We offer a 2 week trial of the complete system, at the end of which you will be able to decide if you wish to take the service.
  4. When you decide to take the service, we work with you to plan the deployment, providing as much support as you need. We can support your own personnel, or carry the entire installation and setup for you and anything in between.
  5. Once the service is deployed, we can help you configure the policies and reporting to provide the information and protection you need.


Contact aFinite about Web Filtering and to request your free 2 week trial.

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