Email Filtering and Security

Protecting your company from Spam, viruses and malware is our priority. We can provide solutions for single PCs to entire networks with in-house filtering as well as through third party servers who provide outsource scanning, archive and validation services. If spam is posing a problem for your business, please get in touch we will find you an appropriate and affordable solution.

aFinite are Symantec.Cloud partners and their E-Mail Security SaaS (Software as a Service) resides outside your network, requiring no additional hardware, software or personnel resources to manage daily security operations. It provides award-winning, in-the-cloud email management, compliance services and threat protection for more than 55,000 organisations worldwide.

Anti Spam

With seven different levels of spam detection and multiple best of breed email filters, Webroot guarantees elimination of 98% of all spam. To provide additional protection, Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS is the only solution specifically designed to quantify sender reputation via advanced statistical models. Unlike other reputation services that provide only a binary 'good' or 'bad' rating, Webroot provides granular trust ratings with automated adjustment over time as reputations change. By focusing reputation on mathematical models, rather than simply a blacklist approach, language-agnostic detection can be more accurate and highly scalable. Outbound spam protection locates and blocks infected machines from sending spam through the company network to help preserve the organisation's reputation.

Anti Virus

Symantec.Cloud E-Mail Security SaaS incorporates five best of breed signature, heuristic and zero-day engines to provide unmatched detection of known and unknown viruses. Multiple identity-based engines guarantee protection against 100% of known virus threats. As viruses tend to replicate and distribute at high speed, Webroot employs zero-day and heuristic virus filters to seek out and block new threats before they can infect your company's network environment.

Archiving with Sonian

The Sonian Email Archiving service enables organisations to securely capture, store and index all inbound and outbound email traffic in real-time. Once captured, these emails are stored in duplicate and geographically disparate data centers, protecting data against physical loss or corruption.

Business Continuity from Symantec.Cloud

Being able to send and receive email following a critical system failure can be a business-saving service.

The Webroot Business Continuity service ensures availability to critical business communications in the event of email server failure. The service provides end user access to up to 28 days of inbound and outbound email to be made available from secure, mirrored data stores via a webmail portal. The portal allows users to send and receive email from any browser worldwide, ensuring important business communication is not lost during periods of downtime.

Data Security and Compliance

Webroot's content filtering capabilities prevent data loss and help to fulfill compliance and data security requirements. Webroot E-Mail Security SaaS supports pre-defined and custom dictionaries of regular expressions and keywords to aid in detecting and controlling messages with sensitive or inappropriate content. Dictionaries also support the ability to assign numerical values to keyword entries, such that rather than simple keyword matching, keyword scoring can trigger custom rules once pre-defined thresholds are met or exceeded. Administrators can also use Boolean operators to create custom rules by combining subsets or supersets of dictionaries. Pre-configured dictionaries include key

Audit Trails

A professional email security solution will not only provide you with full logging of all incoming and outgoing email, but allow you to search that email and have messages resent for review as necessary. They also provide the facility to release spam back into the normal mailflow and mark the sender as trusted. There are many email security products on the market, from hardware appliances to hosted services. We can help choose the appropriate service for your needs and ensure you have the protection you require.


Contact aFinite about Email Filtering, or to request a free 2 week trial of the Symantec.Cloud service.

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