Wireless Networks

Wireless networks can offer workers a more flexible and convenient way of working and remove the need to install fixed cabling infrastructure. Key benefits of Wi-Fi within the business include:

  • Flexibilty and mobility

    Office staff can be part of the network without being permanently tethered to it

  • Ease of Access

    Once wireless access has been configured it will remain connected to the network whilst in range without the need for user intervention.

  • Cost reduction

    Wireless networks can be considerably cheaper to deploy and manage than wired equivalents particularly when it comes to increasing staff members, accomodating visitors on site or setting up temporary offices.

  • Better efficiency

    Having full access to electronic communications anywhere in the business improves workgroup collaboration and responsiveness to customers, giving you a competitive advantage.

Wireless Networking for Business

It is important to have the right sort of equipment and the right setup. Wireless networks operate in a relatively narrow band of radio frequencies and can interfere with each other if not properly setup. We can perform a site survey when to commissioning any wireless network to determine which channels are alreay in use to ensure that your equipment is best configured to avoid congested channels.

Advanced Wireless

For those business with more intense wireless needs, we can supply, install and configure managed access points from Aruba, Cisco or 3Com which automatically detect other radio traffic and dynamically adjust their channels and signal strength to ensure maximum coverage.

Cloud Managed Solutions

aFinite are a Meraki partner who provide cloud managed Wireless solutions. These are highly cost effective compared to traditional controller focussed solutions. We are able to offer trials of the equipment to potential clients to demonstrate the capabilities. If you're considering a managed Wireless solution, we would strongly recommend exploring Meraki.


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