Leased Lines and Dedicated Bandwidth

Leased Line connections offer a dedicated and more reliable service than a Broadband connection. They come with a service level agreement which provides service credits for any downtime as well as a 1:1 contention ratio so you're not sharing your bandwidth with other users. If you're experiencing issues with your Broadband connection speed varying throughout the day and find it is affecting your business, Leased Line solutions are the next logical step. They can provide significantly more bandwidth than current Broadband services - speeds up to 1Gbps (1000Mbps) are readily avilable and faster connections are also available, with the dedicated links for your sole use so you're not sharing the bandwidth with other users.

Leased line connections can be setup as point to point links between offices which are private, or to the Internet for more general connectivity.

We typically recommend that customers using Leased Lines also have a Broadband service to provide failover support as well as a secondary route to the Internet should a problem arise.


Save money - move your voice calls to VoIP using your Internet connection

With connectivity becoming cheaper and faster, the possibilities are opening up. Where clients have 6+ ISDN channels in operation, we can typically present a convincing business case for migrating these lines to SIP trunks (a Voice over IP - VoIP technology where voice calls are delivered over the Internet) giving a significant cost saving and providing a more flexible solution.

Indeed, for clients moving offices, it often makes no sense to install new Primary Rate ISDN lines and can also make no sense to install even the Basic Rate ISDN lines because the cost difference is so significant.


If you think you would benefit from the stability a leased line would provide, contact us now.

aFinite work with all the main providers including BT, TalkTalk, Virgin, EasyNet and Kingston Communications as well as a host of other local providers to deliver you the best value service.

We have recently partnered with YooZoom who are a Leeds based telecomms specialist. Through this relationship, we are able to provide highly competitive quotes for EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) as well as Fibre based connections both available with Broadband and/or 3G failover.


Contact aFinite for your leased line needs. Either private point to point links, or Internet connections, we can help.

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