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Microsoft Teams have recently introduced a number of exciting updates, including the new Parent Connection feature, with the aim of transforming parent-teacher communication.

Gone are the days of passing physical notes between parents and teachers. Microsoft Teams’ Parent Connection feature empowers educators to directly communicate with the guardians of their students, all within the familiar Microsoft Teams environment.

Bridging the communication gap

The Parent Connection feature is now available to schools and Multi-Academy Trusts across the UK, strengthening communication channels between educators and parents. Whether parents prefer receiving contact via email, SMS, Teams, or over video call, Microsoft Teams facilitates the exchange. Educators can compose and send messages from within the Microsoft Teams environment, and parents will receive these updates via their preferred medium. Messages to parents and guardians are delivered in plain text, ensuring clarity and simplicity in every conversation.

With this update, Microsoft has recognised the diverse communication preferences among parents, and this feature bridges the gap, making it easier than ever for educators to engage with families.

Alongside direct messaging, Microsoft Teams Parent Connection also offers a feature that allows educators to send announcements to all parents within a class. This means important updates and information can be shared with everyone at once, streamlining communication and keeping everyone in the loop. So not only can you have one-on-one conversations, but you can also make sure everyone stays informed effortlessly.

Empowering Educators

The Parent Connection feature isn’t the only change to Microsoft Teams for the education sector, with a series of recent updates coming to the platform.

One standout enhancement is the Class Insights tab. Educators now have easy access to valuable insights into student performance, including average grades, assignment submission timelines, and conversation activity over time. Armed with this data, educators can make informed decisions to fine-tune their curriculum, pacing, and student engagement.

Also recently introduced was the Reading Progress feature, a game-changer for both students and teachers. It not only boosts students’ reading skills but also provides teachers with in-depth analysis to support their students’ learning journeys.

Seamless Integration

To make these features even more convenient, Microsoft’s School Data Sync tool plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth Parent Connection experience. This tool effortlessly syncs all parent and guardian data with Office 365, saving educators and IT staff valuable time and effort.

Moreover, Microsoft Teams for education has now also introduced suggested replies powered by AI. It’s like having a helpful assistant right at your fingertips, providing context-aware suggestions for speedy responses. This feature is automatically enabled for teachers and faculty members, making communication a breeze in a secure environment.

With all these powerful features on offer, why not reach out to us to discover how your school can benefit from Microsoft Teams? Find out more about making your students, educators, and parents educational journey smoother and more connected today. Book a meeting with our Team:

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