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Doing more with less isn’t about overworking your employees and pushing them to their limit. It’s about working with the correct technology and giving your people the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and be the best they can be in the modern workplace.

The powerful suite of tools provided with Microsoft 365 can help businesses across numerous industries rise to the challenges of contemporary working. With innovative office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security, Microsoft 365 can be the key to your organisation doing more with less.

Limitless Collaboration

In the modern workplace, fluid collaboration is more essential than it’s ever been. This is where Microsoft 365 shines. With Microsoft Office apps, Viva, and Teams, the entire working world is a moveable, flexible space with an always-on approach that provides limitless collaboration opportunities for its users.

Thanks to its seamless integration with the wider Microsoft suite, Microsoft Teams offers unparalleled collaborative possibilities. There’s no need to switch apps to work on a live document, you can simply share it with colleagues or offer real-time feedback whenever it’s needed. Microsoft Teams takes the complication out of collaborating, allowing multiple people to work across multiple projects, keeping your team connected and focused. 

On the other hand, Microsoft Viva provides the insights and tools you need to create an optimal employee experience that connects and empowers your people within Microsoft 365. Bringing together communication, knowledge-sharing, learning, and resources, Viva makes it easy for your workforce to grow and develop, providing opportunities for learning and improvement.

Conquering Cybersecurity

One of the greatest modern threats to businesses is cybersecurity. With an ever-increasing army of threat actors finding new ways to harm organisations and bring business to a standstill, it is vital to improve security to protect you and your data.  

The increase in hybrid working has given rise to a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ model in offices around the world. Microsoft 365 provides businesses with the tools to transform from a ‘trusting all devices’ on-site model to a zero-trust model in a timely fashion. Tools such as Microsoft Defender Application Guard and Device Guard provide features which protect your organisation from cyber-attacks.

Guarding against cyber threats not only keeps your people and data safe, but it also reduces the financial and reputational implications of costly data breaches and security lapses.  

Proactive Endpoint Management

Another challenge facing organisations is endpoint management. With employees needing to access their data any time, anywhere, from multiple devices, organisations need a secure and long-term management strategy. Microsoft offers a variety of options with Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and Intune, all adaptable to meet your specific needs.  

These solutions enable you to manage all company devices and provide greater flexibility and control over your IT environment. They allow for management of device security and user permissions on a real-time basis, ensuring your applications and devices are protected.

Getting started with Microsoft 365

While Microsoft 365 and the benefits its tools bring can be transformative for the modern workplace, we understand that many organisations require support to get started. With the guidance and knowledge of our expert team, we can make Microsoft 365 work for you.

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