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Afinite is working alongside Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership in the launch of its new Digital Enterprise Voucher Scheme to support the growth of small and medium businesses in the Leeds area. The scheme has a £3.5million pot of funding which is being offered to B2B organisations in Leeds and the surrounding areas, who have less than 250 employees and are looking to develop their digital capabilities and, thereby, helping them increase their overall performance (competitiveness, productivity, performance).

The key aim of the programme is to help businesses to make better use of digital technology, which, for example, can include investing in:

  • New hardware, for example: laptops, desktops, tablet computers, VoIP telephony or other devices such as printers and scanners
  • New software to manage the business, for example: acquisition and implementation of a new CRM or ERP system, networking and cloud-based digital solutions to help them work smarter, more flexibly and efficiently.
  • Upgrading the firm’s digital connectivity – eg. upgrading business broadband, leased lines or upgrading your company’s internal network – both wired and wireless.

The programme launched in January 2017 and offers grant funding to eligible businesses (up to 250 employees, Leeds-based, annual turnover of below £50 million, B2B) which are looking at investing in digital technology, in order to improve their business performance and drive growth. A proportion of the funding will be targeted at young businesses who have been trading for 1 – 3 years.

The grants being offered in this scheme – digital growth vouchers – range from £1,000 to a maximum of £5,000 and will represent 40% of the investment (with the company contributing the remaining 60%).

Afinite will work with our current and future clients to design tailored proposals to make the most of the funding available to small and medium businesses in the Leeds area. We have a full range of hardware, software, connectivity and consultancy led solutions to suit all needs and as IT experts we can offer all the digital and IT services which will help to increase SMBs performance and efficiency, whilst meeting the criteria for the Digital Enterprise Voucher Scheme.

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