Updating Cactushop to work with SagePay Version 3.00

Posted in Knowledgebase | 10 July 2015 | Tagged with SagePay, Cactushop, eCommerce

SagePay and CactuShop

This is a guest post by our sister company Order of Magnitude.

If your business uses Cactushop to run your online shop you need to be aware of
the information in this post.

SagePay recently announced the discontinuation of version 2.x of their SagePay service. This means that all Cactushop installations that use SagePay will no longer be able to take payments after 31 July 2015. Cactushop has been around for a long time and is no longer under active development. For this reason we recommend Cactushop users migrate to a modern, well-maintained e-commerce platform such as Shopify.

We understand that for a lot of businesses migrating to a new platform is, while ideal, not necessarily feasible in the short-term. Even so, it's unacceptable that your website is unable to take payments (which for many businesses is the only way you can take payments). This was the situation one of our clients found themselves in recently. We were able to engineer a solution that allows older versions of Cactushop to continue functioning, preventing a potentially catastrophic situtation that would have had a severe business impact.

If you have a Cactushop website that uses SagePay give us a call on 0113 887 3999, we'll help keep your website operational until you're able to migrate to a newer e-commerce platform.

If you're interested in migrating to a new e-commerce platform visit http://orderofmagnitude.co.uk/what-we-do for further information or call on the number above.

Note that turn-around for a migration is highly dependent on the specifics of your current Cactushop website. To ensure you can continue to process online sales after July 2015 we may recommend that our Cactushop solution is implemented before any migration takes place.

Written by Oliver Heard

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